How good are VIP Gaming?

How good are VIP Gaming?

What are these?

Well, when you are gaming with the help of the online option, then there are a ton of features which you will get along with the same. This means that your gaming experience will be maxed if you use these with yourself. There are a ton of features of these games which will be right for you. These are the basic VIP training and gaming options for you which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere you feel like and there are a ton of scopes which you can use for your game to enjoy while you are sitting at your home.

What are the advantages of playing them?

Here is the list of advantages you can take care of while you are playing these games.

  1. You don’t have to visit the place manually and then place your bets onto this game. It can be done with the usage of you having a stable internet connection at your home and then doing your work. While you are sitting at the comfort of your own home, the work will be done, and it is that simple and easy for you to get at the end of the day.
  1. There are some basic rules you have to follow while you are applying these games so when you are trying for the first time, always make sure that you have read the hands book and then done your work for these games for putting your bets.
  1. These are the basic VIP gaming for you, and this means that you are getting to get a ton of unique treatments too. Once you are done with your gaming and if you have won all over, then you will get your said money that you put for the best that you have placed for these games.

For exceptional performance, you can log into and then do your bidding work. These games are famous, and a lot of people have said to play these games. What makes them happen is the speed and the network which are produced from their front and which you will love as well.

So if you are sitting alone and have nothing to do, then it is time that you hook up into your computer and then sources your option with the same games that you want to play. You can make your choice and then pick something which will be interesting for you.



We cannot deny the fact; it is a fact that playing card games are more fun and easy time passing game if the group of people is joined together. We can find its presence in casino with betting on odds. Like these popular card games, domino qq is the popular card game in Indonesia. It differences with normal game starts from the size of the card, appearance, and dots or pips is used instead numbers and alphabet used in normal card games. It looks like two tiles separated by line in between and dots are used such as all combination of count from o to 6. Totally its pack contains 28 cards called double-six set for its maximum number is 6. Number of cards is varied for different double sets.

Learn the rules before playing

Double-six set are the common set played by all. Unlike normal card game its rules and game play are different but interesting. More interesting fact here is that domino qq is now available in online that can be played and enjoyed from the comfort place where you are. Then why not we try the game and win the bet.


Now we will go into the game now. It can be played by 2 to 6 players. Based on the number of players the cards are distributed such as for 2 players 7 cards each and for 6 players 3 cards each. When the game started all the players will place the bet amount in the pot and the cards are distributed equally. After receiving the cards, the player will check his hand. The player with maximum points will be declared as winner. The points will be based on largest number or special set. Let us see what are the largest numbers and special set cards.

The highest value in normal cards is given to double 9, which total value in left and right pair is 9.

Small series: form set with total value between 6 and 9.

Big series: form set with total value between 39 and 43.

Twin series: having cards with equal dot on either side.

6 god: cards with total count 6.

But playing in situs judi online terpercaya will be safe for your bet. Qq poker domino is one of the situs judi online terpercaya site to play domino qq online game. Get registered and give a try.