Football Bandar judi bola betting is the global gambling industry worth billions

Online Gambling

If you are looking to gamble on a football tournament then you must visit a gambling website for gambling purposes. This is a huge industry and it is growing on a global level and now the online industry has become worth billions of pounds. Earlier there used to be a flutter at the bookies counter for betting and gambling, but that was horse racing. But later on, football betting or Bandar judi bola has become the most popular form of gambling in Britain as well as Brazil and other countries. Slowly it has become a global phenomenon and even carried out in countries where it is considered as illegal. There are several agen Judi bola websites that offer football betting options.

Online Gambling

What is the worth of online and mobile based sports betting industry?

According to the current analysis and estimation, the betting industry which comprises of several gambling websites and apps that are operated both legally as well as illegally suggest that the industry is worth around $700 billion to 1 trillion in a year. And almost 70% of the trading amount comes by betting and trading on football. With around 55,000 matches and tournaments being played in a year, there is a lot of scope for bookmakers and gamblers to earn money with football tournaments. Even this year in 2018 there would be a world cup of football for which lots of betting and gambling has occurred and many times such betting leads to match-fixing also. Because of this match-fixing, sports betting is being considered as illegal in many countries around the globe. But still it is prevalent even in those countries online as well as offline mode.

What do people bet on?

The sports or the game on which people bet usually differ from country to country. While in Asia it is limited to a few games, the scope is much more improved in European countries and there are straightforward choices of winning, draw or losing in these countries. Betting is not considered illegal in European countries and there are websites and apps that are licensed for betting on matches. It is reliable to choose apps and websites that are licensed so that you do not fall prey to any betting scams and frauds. If you consider football then the most common bets are placed on the correct score, last goalscorer, number of goals, halftime score, hat trick, penalty etc. Football betting i.e. Bandar judi bola is an age-old sport and is still very popular. There is very little chance that this sport will ever lose its charm and popularity.

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