Poker sites are one of the most popular gambling sites that players and avid fans go to. Instead of going to a casino to play, many people prefer online as they can play anytime and anywhere. Plus, no temptation of trying other games as when you are in a casino.

It is a question to many on how a judi online poker sites make money. Of course, one is the money being deposited by the players and the betters. Online poker is a gamble for the players but business to its founder. There are different ways how an online poker site makes money other than the depositors’ money. Since this is a business, gambling is not in the mindset of the businessman. But instead, it’s profit.

But how the sites make money when they give bonuses? Maybe you have the same question. It can be answered with the following information.

Online Sites have a Wide Variety of Games

Yes, it is an online poker gambling site but like casinos, they also offer other games. Some of the poker sites offer other card games that non-poker players can try to win. Like a businessman’s mindset, you should not only rely on one resource but also establish other resources that are connected to your main one.


High Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important factors in an online poker site. Like casinos, if there are a few number of people visiting it, the tendency is there is also less profit. Online poker sites also need a high traffic to keep the business going. High traffic means high deposit. Then more money, more profit.

Give Aways

A business will not thrive long if it does not know how to give away. Like a commercial business, they give bonuses or discounts to their patron. The same thing with poker, online poker sites gives bonuses even to those who just started depositing or they have a friend to refer. As the saying goes, the more the merrier. The more money for the founders.


The online poker sites do not run a charity. They are businesses that need to have profited from the deposits of the players. But of course, it is not only about taking away, it is also giving something back. They make promotions to establish solid connections with players and future players. Then their client will be spreading the news to his friends and increase the traffic. Thus, more money and more profit.

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