Playing poker online – Advantages and disadvantages:

Poker is a very popular game played over the internet that is played regularly by millions of people all around the world. Those, who haven’t yet started playing poker, have to first know about the advantages and disadvantages associated with the online poker game. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing poker online.


1) The main benefit of playing online poker games is that the players need not have to spend money for travelling to original casino houses. This will also save expenses on gas, fuel and enough time. In this time duration, one can start playing and win the game also.

2) A great deal of poker bonuses is the other main advantage of playing online poker. When compared to the brick and mortar casinos, there is much availability of online poker bonuses.

3) Unlike the standard poker, the online poker can be played at any time whenever a player wishes to play. It doesn’t matter where the player, all that requires is a computer and internet connectivity.


1) Because of the ease that cherry casino games provide, most of them will just want to cover up the losses they have faced during the game play and end up losing much more if this activity is not controlled.

2) Most of the kids are getting exposed to these gambling games which is not a healthy habit.

3) There are several fake poker websites running on internet. If in case, a player chooses such site then one will lose a lot.

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