Showing your hand can be a useful strategy at the poker table, but you need to know why it shows it, to whom it is displayed and when it makes sense to show your cards. Do you want a good rule when showing your cards? Do not do this!

Every time you unduly show your hand to your opponents, one thing you do is give them information about your domino qiu qiu game. Depending on the players at the table, they can use this information against you. Keep them guessing, without knowing for sure what you had, and it will often be in your best interest at the table.

casinoShowing your hands

Now, for some game styles, showing your hands can be a good strategy. Take, for example, an aggressive player who loves to steal many banks. The moments when you have a (strong) hand that shows your cards can help the table reflect the retaliatory blow, while other times it simply steals the bank for the blind. Here it shows the top pair, the bottom pair at the end … “Well, this player just had good hands today, he keeps falling!”

On the other hand, it takes a very conservative player who plays very tight 90% of the time. But when he finds the opportunity to bluff, he may want to show his bluff, forcing the table to think he is playing freely. Then, after a few hands, when it has nuts, the table can simply fold it.

If you use different styles in your poker game, showing your hands can give the table an “incorrect” idea of your style. Make them think in one direction and then defeat them with a game they did not expect at all.

Another reason why you may want to show your hands (especially in the big bluff) is to make the player play inclined. You can see how the steam starts to come out of your head when you make them fold the top and show them the rags. However, you must be careful with whom you show your hands. Show your bluff to a solid poker player who does not play in motion; Well, you just gave them information they can use to put you on the next hand.

Another final thought

If you call the last bet and you are going to perform an autopsy, throw a losing hand on the ground. Do not show it. There is simply no good reason for this, and once again, simply give free information on how you play.

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