UK government’s Revenue on European Lottery

Percentage return.

The National lottery (the European Roulette) is a jackpot system. Major winnings will goes to the few people or players who pick all the six members from the tickets. Average percentage of the sale on the tickets goes to prize fund.  The average percentage is 45 percent from the investment money. In a long term lottery the return on investments are from the winning percentage that is 45 percent of prize amount. But on the short term the return on investment is very less compared to the ong term lottery.

Good causes.

From 2007 March 30 the National Lottery has spent 20 billion for ‘good cause’ by distributing the funds as grants to the society. 28 percent of all no claims and return on investment are distributed for any good causes in the society. 12 percent of the revenue to the growth of the needy. 50 % to run and organise the lottery. Remaining 10percent as profit to the The National Lottery Organization. The responsibility on the good cause funds are not he maintaining or organisers, its responsibility of the Twelve distributors of The National lottery Organisation which nominated form the government. From the 28 percent of funds allocated to good cause, 40 % of fund is to health cause, education cause and the charity. 20 percent of the fund will be distributed to sports 20 percent to Art final 20 percent is to heritage. From 1997 the National Lottery Organization formed the Heritage Lottery Fund to distribute the funds to local, regional and national heritage and welfares by the UK communities and the Government in joint venture. For every anniversary of the National Lottery Organization the organization spent the funds in distributing to grants and awards for the best prizes from the charity donations and funds on good causes. Facebook casino phone billing site. The European Lottery widely uses the lottery and jackpot system in gaining more profits from the games and lucky betting. Through the funds the Government earned the profit in billions and helps in granting the needy and poorer. This funds and organizations helps the government to earn more profit to develop the nation as without poverty and needy. These funds are more use full to the European nation to make their country without poverty and needy also without much investments from the governments funds and less number of man power to raise the revenue.

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